About The Artist

About Jan

I enjoy imagery that occurs naturally, undisturbed or edited.  My artwork expresses creativity  absent of prejudice and sadness. Creativity is a personal expression of the intersection of experience and imagery. I love the the process of art.  There is a playfulness of the materials, he inevitable happy accidents and consequential modifications that I express colorfully and with grit.

As I reflect on my present love for nature it is important to note that, as a child, I spent many days in nature. I had a favorite creek, a favorite path in the woods near my rural home. My father was a  creative man. I recall the furniture produced in his wood shop, his care for the garden, yard and flowers. His name, “John”, signed in turquoise ink. His name was signed so beautifully that it was, itself, a work of art.

I have fond memories of watching my mother create quilts and care for the flowers. She enjoyed, just as I do, the warm breeze of summer, the sunlight and the way things grow.

Living is Florida, one cannot help but learn about agriculture, plants and nature.  The scent of the air, the sun the sounds of birds are a daily treat even when only subtle seasonal changes are offered.   I passed the passion for nature  and the environment on to students and my children.

Returning  to Pennsylvania for a time, we longed for warm weather, palm trees and lighter clothes. Every climate offers beauty. I rediscovered each season and gathered with other artists and scholars who viewed  the world through various lenses. How valuable a time for rediscovery! I recently returned to Florida and find inspiration for art with new subject matter.

I retired from teaching art when the pandemic changed the rules. My art has taken a tactile route. I am using fibers and sewing. The art represented here reflects  three decades. The viewer might observe my curiosity of natural subjects. One also will observe numerous times that my curiosity  turned into experimentation.  I will remain observant one who experiments. I enjoy what is given to us in nature, unedited, unchanged.