Artist Statement about my Shadow Tracings and Soil Paintings

Transition to Spring
Transition to Spring

As humans we connect naturally with the space and time in our lives. Our childhood memories and other experiences imprint in our brain. When we fully allow experiences to be remembered there is an energy that grows. I believe that to sense this connection, one needs to surrender to the moment and pay close attention the thoughts at that time. Being present and being mindful is essential.

A while ago, I began a journey to be mindful and present on my creative path. My first breakthrough was realized when I found myself walking  the local land of the  Julianne Woods. Jean, a very wise woman, opened her land to her students on many occasions. Equipped with  art materials, I ventured on a walk on an beautiful, late spring morning. that walk changed my art for the years to follow.

The relationship with the environment when you are alone, lost in thought and emotions, using you senses, create an energy that may spark a creative reaction.

My art reflects the support that I feel from the earth. I am drawn to the presence of light around me and the way in which the earth innocently presents itself to me.

My painted images are records of experiences with moderate and tropical climates, experiences that I  remember from childhood to the present.

Many of the famous master artist of the past have recorded the existence of light in their paintings.  It is not uncommon to see the same subject with a changing color palette or changing shadows. The light on a form changes with the passage of time. When I trace a shadow being cast by a plant, flower, or weed, it is a moment in time, never to be recaptured. It is as if the flora nd fauna are sundials.

Weeds, according to the author Sara Stein, ” are plants that are not only in the wrong place, but intend to stay”!

Luther Burbank writes: ” A flower is an educated weed”!

Many have written about the earth because our relationship with it I ever changing and evolving.

Good soil creates life. Beneath our feet there is another world. We never think about this world of microbes. I began to see that the soil of colors vary and there is a story behind that color or texture. The earth is layered. The soil profile can teach us about those who came before us. We are in a relationship with the earth below.

I continue to observe and respectfully collect from nature. and the earth. My paintings elude to instances when objects were part of the earth. There are indications of footprints, artifacts, symbols, writing, water, rocks and shells. There is something for all to enjoy and ponder.